Free Event WordPress theme – Eventbrite Review

Setting up a WordPress website, it is essential to differentiate its design from the basic WordPress template. Besides surfing a bunch of market for a Premium Event WordPress theme, why not save some money and try out Eventbrite – a free Event WordPress theme offered right in


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Clean, simple and fast to set up are he best traits of this theme. There are also two versions of Eventbrite to suit your needs: Multi for centers with lots of events and Single for one-time event. Here are some advantages you will get with Eventbrite:

A Perfect Match

This is a theme built by WordPress for WordPress users, there is no question about its suitability with your website. Responsive, fast to load and no code error, therefore you won’t have to worry about fixing any errors.

Clean and Practical Design

When your needs are not too complicated and you want to set up things fast to go, Eventbrite is so simple yet still so modern. The site is easy to navigate in short mouse scrolls. Despite being free, its design is well-refined.

Here is a screenshot of its events list. Although no animation is applied, it is still attractive in its own way.


Simple Calendar

Free Event WordPress theme

It may seem a little bit boring, but we have to admit that it is clean, easy to use and best of all, it shows all in one scroll of the mouse.

Why should not use free event WordPress theme?

Sometimes, free is not the suitable choice. For free templates, only one layout is applied to all websites. When you need to express your own branding, Premium works its best. With Premium themes, layout is tailored made for you, you can fully customize and build it your own way. Here are some features you will miss from Premium theme.

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It is so much fun having a countdown for your next rave! The counting numbers will bring a sense of urgency to your event. Or simply just to decorate your website.


An example of countdown feature from CitySoul, a WordPress theme for clubs, parties and musicians (Coming soon).

Sign up for events

Eventbrite is best for providing information. When it comes to interactivity, such as letting people signing up for your events, Eventbrite has a huge disadvantage.

Overall, Eventbrite is perfect for basic needs. However it lacks the interactivity with viewers. It is up to your needs to decide!


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