How to design WordPress theme for clubs

Everyone has a need to find people of the same interest to meet and share. That is why clubs are born. No matter which type, clubs need people. For a Book Club, readers and book reviewers are needed. Golf Club wants rich high-status men. Even night clubs and bars need to have new people coming every night, all with the same interest to dance and chill.


A WordPress website has full potential to introduce your brand and at the same time, attract new members for you clubs. Today we will show you how to build an effective WordPress theme for clubs, from a design perspective. Why you should choose WordPress for your club website? WordPress offers one of the most powerful CMS in the market nowadays.

Define your category


Foundation Nightclub’s website with a style of young and modern entertainment

Like planning to open your club, this step is extremely important. This step will help define the style, the layout and the language you will use for your theme.

Here are some basic types of clubs for your consideration:

  • Sports Clubs: motivating, muscular, action-packed design
  • Poetry and Book clubs: informative
  • Charity clubs: feel-good do-good, close and cozy
  • Dance/Nightclub: energetic!

By defining what type of your club, you can then move to the next step:

Define your audience

WordPress theme for clubs are not just artistic masterpieces you design for yourselves, it is meant to be viewed and read.

Are they young? What do they want to see in your club website? Information, images or DJ music? Can they sign up for membership online?

There are hundreds of questions you must ask when building different elements. These questions will help to evaluate the importance of the elements, e.g. which section should be on top of the page.


This example of Langkawi charity website highlights their work right in the homepage. This helps visitors learn more about the organization.

Features in your WordPress theme for clubs



This section is extremely important for clubs with regular performance schedule: Nightclub, Music Club or Drama Club, etc.

The above picture shows Calendar section in City Soul theme. This WordPress theme demonstrates a clean and modern Calendar design, with space for adequate information (poster, name, time of events).



Membership section should also be of top priority. In this example, Sportsclub’s Website has a very informative set of Membership options.


It is extremely useful to use website to showcase your work. Whether in images or videos, lots of WordPress theme for clubs have excellent feature for gallery.


This is an example from City Soul theme: clean design for video gallery. This feature can also be used to showcase performances of your club’s previous events.


For some organizations, their status really stands out. Therefore their WordPress theme for clubs should focus on telling their story. This is an example of National Federation of Music Clubs.WordPress-theme-for-clubs-4



An example of The Poetry Club responsive site

It is easy to understand that this feature is highly important in the age of digital.

That is about all for how to design WordPress theme for clubs. It is still up to your preferences and your client’s demands to design one that best suit your needs.

In our next articles we will focus on different topics of clubs: Sports Clubs, Car Clubs, etc. Stay tuned!


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